Overview of Visualization and Styling

Style both drawing objects and GIS features to enhance the content of a map and make it easy to read.

The methods for styling features and drawing objects are different.

For Drawing Objects For Features Description
Show or hide the Display Manager Show or hide the Display Manager Use the Display Manager to style features and drawing objects in your maps, and to adjust the draw order.
Create a drawing layer. Create a feature layer. A layer is a set of objects. When you add objects to your map, you add them to a Display Manager layer. Each layer can have its own style.
Query the current drawing or attached drawings to bring in objects that match certain criteria. Use the Add To Map With Query option to filter the data from the feature source. Add a subset of objects from a drawing or feature source to a Display Manager layer.
Create a drawing style. Create a feature style. Change color, linetype, linetype scale, line weight, or plotstyle. You can choose the symbol used to represent point objects. For drawing objects, add hatch, text, or annotation. For features, add labels.
Create a drawing theme. Create a feature theme. A theme varies the style based on data associated with the object.
Use scale thresholds. Use scale ranges. Use scale thresholds or ranges to change the style as you zoom in or out, for example, to turn off text as you zoom out.
Style points. Style a point layer. Specify a symbol style for a point drawing layer. Use the Point Style area of the Style Editor to create a style for a point feature layer.
Style lines. Style a line layer. Specify an entity style for a line drawing layer. Use the Line Style area of the Style Editor to create a style for a line feature layer.
Style polygons. Style areas or polygons. Specify an entity or hatch style for a polygon drawing layer. Use the Area Style area of the Style Editor to create a style for a polygon feature layer.
Change the display order of layers. Change the display order of layers. Layers are drawn from the bottom up. Objects in the layer at the top of the Display Manager are drawn last and appear on top of other objects. If an object is a member of more than one layer, it is drawn based on the highest layer to which it belongs. The Draw Order view takes precedence over the order in the Layers By Group view.
Hide layers or styles. Hide layers or styles. If a layer is turned off, objects from that layer are hidden. When a style is turned off, drawing objects are displayed without styles.
Add a legend. Add a legend. The legend lists the styles used in the map.
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