Layer Mapping dialog box (Import)

Use this dialog box to specify a target layer in the current drawing for the selected layer in the incoming file. This is sometimes called a schema, level, or file.

To specify an AutoCAD layer during import

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files. At the Command prompt, enter mapimport.

Create on Existing Layer

Put incoming objects on an existing layer in the drawing. Click the down arrow to select the layer.

If you assigned the incoming layer to an object class with a layer property, the default is the layer specified in the object class.

Create on New Layer

Put incoming objects on a new layer. Enter a name for the new layer.

Use Data Field For Layer Name

Put incoming objects on a layer based on data attached to the objects. Click the down arrow and select the field to use for layer names. For each object, AutoCAD Map 3D will read the value in the specified field and put the object on a layer with the same name. If the layer does not exist, it will be created. If an object does not have a value in the specified field, it will go on Layer 0.

AutoCAD Map 3D uses only the first 255 characters of the value in the field. If the incoming file has longer field values, change the values before you import the file.

Note If a conflict between the layer specified by the Drawing Layer setting and an Object Class with a layer property is found, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the Drawing Layer setting, except when Drawing Layer is set to <None>. In that case, the Object Class setting is used. When Use Class Defaults is checked, AutoCAD Map 3D forces the data to the correct Drawing Layer.