Define Text dialog box

Use this dialog box to control the addition of text for a specific range of entities or for a specific value in a theme.

NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

To create a theme for a drawing layer

In Display Manager, right-click a drawing layer. Click Add Style Theme.


Select a style for the text from those already defined in the current drawing or click to go to the Text Style dialog box.


Select a layer for the new text, or click to go to the Layer Manager dialog box.

Insert Point

Select the point on objects to create new text. The default is labelpt.


Select the justification (left, right, center, middle) for text created for the thematic map. The default is center.


Specify the color of the text or click to go to the Select Color dialog box.


Specify the height of the text.


Specify the angle to rotate text created for the theme.

Scale and height values for fill patterns, text height, and symbol size vary according to the plotting scale you intend to use. The following table shows suitable text heights for different plot scales.

Plot Scale Required Text Height on Plot (Text Height)
1:2000 1 2000
0.5 1000  
1:10000 1 10000
0.5 5000