Overview of Creating Topologies
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Using AutoCAD Map 3D, you can create node, network, or polygon topologies.

Node Topologies

Network Topologies

An example of network topology is a water-distribution application that traces the flow of water from a pumping station to residences. A street network is another example. For network topologies, you can specify the direction for a link and specify the resistance for a link or node.

Polygon Topologies

Uses of polygon topology include tax assessment and land planning in which parcels of land are represented by polygons. Political boundaries, such as voting districts, city, state, or provincial boundaries, special districts, and school districts, are other examples of the use of polygon topology.


When you create a topology, keep the following points in mind:

Warning Using the BREAK command affects topology. If you use BREAK, you must use MAPTOPOCREATE again to recreate the topology. You might also need to clean up the geometry in the drawing again.

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