Overview of Creating Topologies
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create a topology

  1. Bring the nodes or links into the current drawing:
    • Attach the drawings containing the objects, then query the objects into the current drawing.
    • Open the drawing containing the objects.
  2. Click Create tabTopology panelNew. At the Command prompt, enter maptopocreate.
  3. In the Create Topology - Select Topology dialog box, enter a name and description for the new topology.
  4. Under Topology Type, select the topology to create. Follow the steps for that topology:
  5. When you are done specifying settings, click Finish to create the topology.
  6. If appropriate, save the topology information back to source drawings.

As you create the topology, if AutoCAD Map 3D finds errors, it gives a warning message and highlights the errors. Correct any errors; then create the topology over again.