Overview of Cleanup Actions
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To select cleanup actions and set options

  1. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up. At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.
  2. On the Select Actions page, select the cleanup actions to perform by adding them to the Selected Actions list.

    To add an action to the Selected Actions list, select the action in the Cleanup Actions list. Click Add.

  3. In the Selected Actions list, specify the order in which to perform the cleanup actions. The order is important and can affect your results. The first action in the list will be performed first. To change the order, highlight an action and click the up or down arrow.
    NoteFor best results, run Simplify Objects and Weed Polylines individually. If you run one of these with other actions, it will always be run before other actions, regardless of its position in the list. In addition, these actions will only be run once, regardless of how many times they are listed.
  4. In the Selected Actions list, select an action.

    Each action has its own set of options. Set up each one individually. For information about the settings for an action, click one of the preceding links.

  5. Under Cleanup Parameters, enter the settings for the selected action.
  6. To review detected errors before correcting them, under Options, select Interactive. To have AutoCAD Map 3D automatically correct all detected errors, select Automatic.
    Note Simplify Objects and Weed Polylines are not interactive operations. AutoCAD Map 3D makes these changes automatically during cleanup.
  7. Continue specifying Drawing Cleanup settings.