Overview of Digitizing Objects
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To digitize objects, use one of the following methods:

Digitizing Using the MAPDIGITIZE Command

Use the MAPDIGITIZE command if you want to use the special options it provides, such as attaching object data as you digitize.

Note Before you begin digitizing, be sure that you have configured the digitizer, registered the map, and set the digitizing specifications. See Setting Up for Digitizing.

For detailed information on digitizing linear objects, topologies, and control points, or on placing annotations, see Overview of Digitizing Maps.

Digitizing Using Drawing Commands

You can also digitize using drawing commands. However, you should avoid commands such as CIRCLE, RECTANGLE, and 3DFACE. Instead, use ARC, LINE, and PLINE to represent map features in the simplest possible forms. This usage simplifies map cleanup.

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