Overview of Styling Drawing Layers
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When you define a style for a layer, you specify how to display drawing objects on that layer.

Style the drawing objects in your map by creating layers and then applying one or more styles to the selected layer.

TipFor better performance, create a new display map rather than modifying the default map. There are circumstances when the default map is automatically displayed, and if this map has a lot of objects, it could take a while to display.

You can apply one or more styles to layers in your map.

If a drawing object is a member of more than one drawing layer, it inherits the style of each layer of which it is a member. For example, if a line is in both the Transportation layer and the Roads object class layer, it inherits the styles of both layers. If the layers specify conflicting style or visibility settings, the drawing object uses the style and visibility settings of whichever layer is higher in the Display Manager list.

Style objects by changing one or more of the following:

NoteInstructions in this section are for drawing objects. If you are styling a geospatial feature layer, see Styling Features.
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