Printing This Documentation

You can print the Help and other manuals.

Printing PDF Versions of the Help

Most of the Help, including the AutoCAD Map 3D User’s Guide (the help system), the AutoCAD User’s Guide, and the AutoCAD Command Reference, are available in PDF format.

Some AutoCAD manuals, including Building Your World and Getting Started, are available only in PDF format.

Note You must have Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ installed to view and print PDF documents.

To print the AutoCAD Map 3D Users Guide

  1. Open the AutoCAD Map 3D User’s Guide.
  2. Click Print.
    WarningThe User’s Guide is over 1000 pages long! To save paper, print only the chapters you need.

To print the other manuals

  1. Insert the AutoCAD Map 3D CD or DVD into the drive.
  2. When the CD browser starts, click the Documentation tab. If the CD browser does not start automatically, double-click the Setup.exe file.
  3. On the Documentation tab, select the book to print.
  4. Click Print.