Error Markers Page

Use this dialog box to specify the marker shape and color for each cleanup action. Specify the marker size, and set options for erasing or maintaining markers before and after cleanup.

To set up markers for interactive mode

To save Drawing Cleanup settings as a profile

Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up. At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.

This page is available only when you select Interactive on the Select Actions page.

In Interactive mode, AutoCAD Map 3D displays each error for you to accept or reject the correction. You can place a markers at error locations to help you find them more easily.


Set options for removing markers before and after the drawing cleanup, and specify the size of the markers, relative to the screen size.

Erase Markers When Cleanup Starts

Delete markers from an earlier operation before placing new markers. Clear this check box to display both sets of markers.

Deleting old markers prevents confusion.

Maintain Markers When Command Ends

Keep markers in the drawing after the drawing cleanup operation.

Marker Size

Specify the marker size as a percent of the screen size, usually between 3% and 7%.

Blocks And Colors

For each operation listed, select a marker shape and color.



Load a profile file that contains drawing cleanup settings you saved previously.


Save your drawing cleanup settings in a profile file for later use.


Perform the drawing cleanup operation using the current settings. You can place markers, review errors, and make correction decisions.

This operation displays the list of detected errors in the Drawing Cleanup Errors dialog box.