Querying a Topology
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedure applies only to drawing objects.

To query a topology

  1. In Map Explorer, under Current Drawing, right-click a topology Analysis Topology Query.
  2. In the Topology Query dialog box, select the topology to query.

    If the topology is not on the list, click Load and select the topology to use.

  3. Under Result Topology, specify how to save the results of the query:
    • None — Objects are retrieved into the current drawing, but no topology data is created.
    • Temporary — Objects are retrieved into the current drawing, and the topology data is loaded into memory. This data is not saved to the objects.
    • Permanent — Objects are retrieved into the current drawing, and a new topology is created.

      If you create a temporary or permanent topology, specify a name and description for the topology.

  4. To load an existing query, click Load Query and select the query.

    To define a new query, click Define Query and define the conditions for the query.

    To close the dialog box, but have AutoCAD Map 3D remember your selections, click OK.

  5. When you click Define Query, the Define Query Dialog box opens. Its operation and options are the same for topology and AutoCAD Map 3D queries, except for some options you have in the Property option in the Query Type area. For more information, see Overview of Queries.