Assigning an Object Class
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To assign an object class to an existing object

  1. In Map Explorer, right-click the object class to assign to the object. Click Classify Objects.

    If no object classes are listed in Map Explorer, attach an object class definition file. For information on the location of the object class definition file, consult your CAD Manager.

  2. In the Classify Objects dialog box, select the options you want and click OK.
    • Select Include Objects to classify objects even if the values for properties associated with the object class are not within the range of allowable values specified for the feature.

      For these objects, the values that are outside the allowable range will be reset to the default value.

    • Select Exclude Objects to ensure that you do not overwrite an object class already assigned to an object.
  3. Select the objects to classify.

    If objects do not match the object type of the object class, they are filtered out of the selection set and are not classified.

To unclassify an object

  1. In Map Explorer, right-click Object Classes. Click Unclassify Objects.
  2. Select the objects to unclassify.
  3. When you finish selecting objects, press Enter.

    The object classification tag is removed from the selected objects.