Topology Overlay Analysis - Create Nodes dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to specify whether or not to create new nodes at the endpoints of links where they are missing in the resulting overlay topology. If so, you specify the block to use to create the nodes.

To find sliver polygons when overlaying two topologies

Click Analyze tabDrawing Object panelObject Overlay. At the Command prompt, enter mapanoverlay.

Create New Nodes For Topology

Select this check box to create new nodes as needed at the endpoints of links in the resulting topology. This is optional, but can be useful if you are going to analyze the resulting topology later on.

Point Object for Node Creation

Specify the block used to represent nodes.

  • To create nodes using a block defined in the drawing set, click the down arrow and select a block from the list.
  • To create nodes using a block saved as a DWG file, click Browse. Select the file to use. This inserts the entire DWG as a single block.
  • To create nodes as a point, select ACAD_POINT.

Use settings that you previously saved.


Save the current settings so you can use them again.


Close the dialog box without performing the topology overlay.


Display the previous dialog box.


Disabled because this is the last dialog box in the list.


Perform the topology overlay using the current settings. The Finish is available after you select the overlay topology and enter a valid topology name for the resulting topology.