The Task Pane

The Task pane gives you quick access to frequently used features, and groups these features into task-related views. Use the Task pane to create, manage, display, and publish maps.

The Task pane

There are four tabs:

Each view of the Task pane has its own menu area. You can also right-click any item in the Task pane to see a customized menu for that item.

Use these techniques for the Task pane

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Map Explorer

Use Map Explorer to manage the data sources included in your current map.

Use Map Explorer to manage the following:

To attach a drawing to the current map

To use a database in a drawing

Do one of the following:

Display Manager

The Display Manager lets you create display maps. Each display map contains a set of styled layers. You can have more than one display map in a map file, and you can style the same data differently in each one.

Use Glossary to add features to your map, or drag data sources into Display Manager to add them as layers. For example, drag an SDF file from Windows® Explorer into the layer area to add it.

Use these techniques in the Display Manager

To use the Style Editor to style geospatial features

  1. In the SampleMap.dwg file, select the Parcels layer in Display Manager.
  2. To change the color of the parcels, click the Style button in the Task Pane menu area.
    • Click in the Style field in the middle of the Style Editor window.
    • Select a different Foreground color and click OK.
    • Close the Style Editor by clicking the X in its top right corner. The changes are displayed in your map.
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Map Book

Use the Map Book tab to create printed maps, map books, and multi-page DWFs from styled maps. Map Book uses the AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager, and provides a tree view of the tiles in the map book, like pages in an atlas. Use navigation arrows to move between tiles in your map.

To create a map book

  1. Set up a map book template.
  2. Identify layout placeholders.
  3. Build the map book.
  4. View or edit the map book tiles.
  5. Publish the map book.
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Use the Survey tab to import and organize survey data points.

Use the Survey tab to import and organize survey data.

To work with survey data

  1. Create a survey data store to contain the data.
  2. Import data from LandXML or ASCII files.
  3. Organize the data:

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