Filling a Closed Polyline
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You can fill closed polylines in your drawing with solid fills and hatch patterns. For example, you can use one color to show counties with a population over 10,000 and another color to show counties under 10,000.

Filling closed polylines

The ADEFILLPOLYG command always creates a hatch object with the solid fill hatch style.

You can also use the BHATCH command to fill closed polylines. Use the MPFILL command to fill polygon objects.

Note If you move closed polylines that you filled using ADEFILLPOLYG, you must move the hatch object as well. AutoCAD Map 3D considers the closed polyline and the hatch object as separate objects.

To fill closed polylines automatically with hatch patterns or solid fills when performing queries, use the Alter Properties feature in the Define Query dialog box.

If you set the Create Associative Hatch Objects option on the Query tab of the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box, AutoCAD Map 3D creates associative hatch objects for hatch objects created by the ADEFILLPOLYG command, the ADEQUERY command (using Alter Properties), and the MAPTHEMATIC command (using a fill).

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