Finding All Drawing Objects Containing a Specific Property
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedure applies only to drawing objects. For information about feature data, see Finding and Selecting Features.

To retrieve drawing objects based on their properties

  1. In Map Explorer, under Current Drawing, right-click Current Query, and then click Define.
  2. Click Property.
  3. In the Property Condition dialog box, select a property.
  4. Select an operator.
  5. Enter a value for the property.

    To select from a list of available values, click Values. For example, if you select the property "layer," clicking Values displays a list of all layers in the active attached drawings.

    You can use wild-card characters to enter values for the following properties: Block Name, Color, Text Style, Object Type, Group, Layer, Object Class, Linetype, and Plotstyle.

  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Define Query dialog box, select a query mode.
  8. Click Execute Query.
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