Running a Drawing Query in Draw Mode
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Draw mode retrieves drawing objects from attached drawings and copies them into the current drawing. You can save the objects in your current drawing, or you can edit the objects and save them back to the attached drawings. If you decide to edit the queried objects and you have set object locking in System Options, AutoCAD Map 3D locks the individual objects so other users cannot edit them.

Queries in Draw mode retrieve objects from layers that are Off, Locked, or Frozen. Whether the objects remain on layers that are Off, Locked, or Frozen when they are brought into the current drawing depends on the layers in the current drawing: if the layers exist in the current drawing, the objects take on the characteristics of the existing layers; if the layers do not exist, AutoCAD Map 3D creates new layers with the characteristics of the attached drawing layers.

AutoCAD Map 3D preserves the status of objects on locked layers when it copies them into the current drawing. When you retrieve objects that are on locked layers you cannot save changes back to the attached drawing. If you want to save changes back, open the attached drawing and unlock the layer before performing the query.

AutoCAD Map 3D does not place duplicate copies of objects in the current drawing. Once an object is in the drawing, subsequent queries will not retrieve that object again. See Sharing Attached Drawings

Note In Draw mode, if text is queried into the current drawing and the font is missing, AutoCAD Map 3D substitutes another font. The font used is set by the FONTALT system variable.
Note When referencing blocks or images with the same name but with different paths, the geometry or image displayed is based on the first definition processed. A Preview query displays both blocks or images.
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