Editing a Drawing Query Condition
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedure applies only to drawing data. For information about feature data, see Finding and Selecting Features.

To edit a drawing query condition

  1. In Map Explorer, under Current Drawing, right-click Current Query, and then click Define.
  2. To modify a saved query, in the Define Query dialog box, click Load. Select the query.
  3. In the Define Query dialog box, under Current Query, select the query condition you want to edit. Click Edit.

    To change the joining operator, select the new joining operator before you click Edit.

  4. Make any changes.

    For example, if you select a location condition and click Edit, the Location Condition dialog box appears. Click Show to view or change the boundary of the location condition and press Enter to return to the Location Condition dialog box.

  5. Click OK.

The revised query appears under Current Query.