Hatch Options dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a hatch pattern to drawing objects found by the query.

To fill queried drawing objects with a hatch pattern

Click Home tabData panelDefine Query. At the Command prompt, enter adequery.


Enter a hatch pattern, click Patterns to select from a list of hatch patterns defined in the active drawings, or click Expression to use an expression to specify the hatch pattern. If you leave the box empty, AutoCAD Map 3D uses a solid fill.

The box displays the selected hatch option. ISO hatch patterns are not displayed.


Specify a scale for the pattern. A small scale creates a smaller pattern and takes longer to display and print.


Enter the rotation. Enter 0 for no rotation.

For example, enter 90 to rotate objects 90 degrees in the current direction. (Use the DDUNITS command to view or change the current direction.)


Enter a layer for the hatch, or click Layers to select from a list of layers in the active drawings. If you enter a new layer name, the layer is created.

To easily hide or delete the hatch, insert it on its own layer.


Specify a color for the hatch.

Enter a color name, or click Color Palette and select a color.

For each option, enter a value in the box or enter an expression or variable. For example, to use a hatch pattern specified in the Hatch field of the Design object data table, enter :hatch@design. For information on expressions and variables, see Expression Evaluator.

You can set an option to determine whether the hatch object created by this command is associative. See the Query tab of the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box and To have hatch created by property alteration be associative.

Note Use the DRAWORDER command to display objects on top of the hatch.