Map Import dialog box

This dialog box was used to translate an external map file into AutoCAD Map 3D format. It has been discontinued. Instead, use one of the following procedures or commands.

To import data from other formats

To import from Arc/INFO

To import from MapInfo MIF/MID

To import SHP data

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files. At the Command prompt, enter mapimport.

You can import coverages in both UNIX ArcInfo and PC ArcInfo format. If you are importing a coverage, you must have the coverage subdirectory and the associated INFO subdirectory before using the MAPIMPORT4 command. To set a text size for coverages, set the TEXTSIZE variable before using the MAPIMPORT4 command.

NoteIf a SHP file is located on a read-only drive or directory, you cannot import the file if the name contains any of the following characters: pound sign (#), exclamation point (!), comma (,), or accent grave (`). To import the file, either rename the file or move it to a directory to which you have write access.

When you have set options, click Proceed to display the Import Data Options dialog box, where you can specify how to import graphics and data.

Click OK to close the dialog box but keep the current import options.


Select the format of the file to import.


Enter the name of the existing file or coverage.

If you are not sure of the name or location, click Browse to view existing file names and directories.