Manually Editing Objects
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To use grips

  1. Click Options. Click the Selection tab.
  2. Make sure that Enable Grips is selected and click OK.

    You can also edit the size and color of the grips. Once grips are enabled, squares appear on objects when you select them without starting a command. These squares are the object grips.

  3. Select an object so its grips appear.
  4. Select an object grip.

    To select more than one grip, hold down the Shift key as you select each grip.

  5. Select a new point. The grip you selected is relocated to the selected point, stretching the rest of the objects associated with that grip.

    As you move the cursor, it snaps or locks onto an object grip when it moves into the square zone representing the grip. You can use this feature instead of using an object snap such as Endpoint or Midpoint.