Polygon Fill Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the fill color and pattern to use for polygon objects. You can choose from a variety of colors including true colors and colors from imported color books. You can also define the pattern type, pattern properties, and attributes for hatch, solid, and gradient fill.

To edit the fill property for the polygon object

At the Command prompt, enter mapmpedit.

The dialog box has the following tabs:

The Hatch tab defines the appearance of the hatch pattern (or solid color) to be used to fill polygons.

The Gradient tab defines the appearance of the gradient fill to be used to fill polygons.

Hatch tab

Pattern Type

Select a pattern type from the following:

  • Predefined — Specifies a predefined pattern.
  • User Defined — Creates a pattern of lines based on the current linetype in your drawing.
  • Custom — Specifies a pattern that is defined in any custom PAT file that you have added to the search path.
Pattern Name

Select from the available predefined patterns. AutoCAD Map 3D stores the selected pattern in the HPNAME system variable. The Pattern Name option is available only if you set Pattern Type to Predefined. Click to display preview images for all predefined patterns at once.


Specify an angle for the hatch pattern relative to the X axis of the current UCS.


Expand or contract a predefined or custom pattern.

Relative To Paper Space

Scale the hatch pattern relative to paper space units to display hatch patterns at an appropriate scale for your layout. This option is available only from a layout.

Fill Color

Click the down arrow to select from a list of colors. To choose from a greater variety of colors, including true colors and colors from imported color books, click Select Color.

Gradient tab

One Color

Specify a fill that uses a smooth transition between darker shades and lighter tints of one color.

Two Color

Specify a fill that uses a smooth transition between two colors.

Color Swatch

Specify the color for the gradient fill. Click to display the Select Color dialog box, where you can select an AutoCAD Index color, true color, or color book color.

Shade and Tint Slider

Specify the tint (the selected color mixed with white) or shade (the selected color mixed with black) of a color to be used for a gradient fill of one color.


Specify a gradient configuration that is symmetrical. If this option is not selected, the gradient fill is shifted up and to the left, creating the illusion of a light source to the left of the object.


Specify the angle of the gradient fill. The specified angle is relative to the current UCS.

Gradient Patterns

Select one of the nine fixed patterns for gradient fills.

For more information on setting hatch options, see the AutoCAD help.