Creating Classified Drawing Objects
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Use object classes to create new objects with a predefined set of properties and values.

When you create a drawing object using object classification, properties are set to allowable values and data is attached. In addition, the object is tagged with the name of its object class.

For example, if you create a road using a Road object class, you are prompted to create a normal polyline. The polyline is created on the Roads layer, has the default properties for a road, and has the data values specified for a road feature.

After you create a classified object, you can use the Object Class tab of the Properties palette to edit the data associated with the object class.

To create classified objects, you must have an object class definition file attached to your drawing. For information on the location of the object class definition file, consult your CAD Manager.

Note If an object class was defined with a create method of None, or if it was defined as a base class only, you cannot create an object using that object class.
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