Index Maintenance dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify which types of indexes to create for the selected source drawings.

To create a drawing index

Click Map Setup tabMap panel Drawing Maintenance. At the Command prompt, enter adedwgmaint.

Indexes speed up queries, but they add to the size of your source drawings. If size is an issue, create indexes for just the types of queries you perform most often. For example, if you mostly perform queries based on location, create just a location index.

Because indexes are saved in the source drawing, you can create indexes only if the drawing is not in a read-only directory and you have Edit Drawing privileges. See User Administration dialog box.

Once you create an index, AutoCAD Map 3D automatically updates the index each time you change the drawing and save the changes back. However, you will need to recreate the index in the following circumstances:

Note To check if a source drawing has an index created, select the drawing in the Drawing Maintenance dialog box. Click Drawing Index to display the Index Maintenance dialog box. If the source drawing contains a usable index, the check box for that index is not selected. If the drawing does not contain an index, or if the index is out of date, the check box for the index is selected.