ADEREMOBJS (Remove Objects from Save Set command)

Use this command to unlock selected locked objects in the current drawing and remove them from the save set.

To remove objects from the save set and unlock the objects

Click Home tabData panel Remove Objects From Save Set. At the Command prompt, enter aderemobjs.

Respond to the prompts:


Enter e to remove all objects that have been erased from the current drawing. Enter s or press Enter to select individual objects.

Select objects:

Use an object selection method to select the objects to unlock and remove from the save set. Press Enter when you finish.

Press Enter to confirm.

Objects that are locked in their source drawings are unlocked so that other users can edit them. They are removed from the list to be saved back to source drawings.

Any changes made to the objects in the current drawing still exist in the drawing. To save these changes to a new file, click Save As AutoCAD Drawing.

Objects that were erased from the current drawing remain erased from the drawing, but they will not be erased from source drawings.