User Login dialog box

Log in to AutoCAD Map 3D on this computer. If you do not know your login name or password, check with your system administrator

To log in to AutoCAD Map 3D

Click Map Setup tabMap panel User Login. At the Command prompt, enter maplogin.

Some actions, such as modifying object data tables and removing locks for other users, require Superuser access. To log in as a Superuser, enter the login name Superuser. Enter the password SUPERUSER. In offices where the system administrator reserves the Superuser login name, contact your system administrator to gain access to object data tables, object locks, or system options.

If user login is not required, you can log in at any time, even if you did not log in at the beginning of your current AutoCAD Map 3D session. For example, you can log in under your own name, or as a different user, while working in a drawing with active source drawings.