Assigning an Object Class During Import
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As you import objects, you can assign them to an existing object class in the AutoCAD Map 3D drawing and map the incoming attribute data to the object class definition.

For example, objects being imported from a SHP input layer can be classified and included in the "LAND USE" object class, and data values from the SHP file can be mapped to the "LAND USE" object class definition.

Because some of the incoming data values may conflict with data ranges defined in the object class, AutoCAD Map 3D gives you the option of using the object class default values instead of the incoming data values for values that are not within the acceptable range. This ensures that incoming data is accurately classified but may require changing incoming data values.

To assign an object class, you must first define object classes in your AutoCAD Map 3D drawing. For more information, see Setting Up Object Classification.

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