Assigning an Object Class During Import
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To assign an object class to an input layer

  1. Click Insert tabImport panelMap Import .
  2. In the Import dialog box, review the settings in the Object Class column.
    Note To make selections in the Object Class column, first define object classes in the AutoCAD Map 3D drawing. If there are no object classes defined, the fields in the Object Class column are grayed-out. For more information, see Setting Up Object Classification.
  3. For each layer in the incoming file, click in the Object Class field.
  4. Select an object class.
  5. Click to map incoming attribute data to the AutoCAD Map 3D object class definition.
  6. In the Object Class Attribute Mapping dialog box, verify that the object class you just selected is highlighted in the Select An Object Class list.
  7. On the right, review the Input Fields list, which displays the incoming attribute data fields that are available to be mapped to Target Fields in the object class definition.
  8. For each Input Field to map, click the down-arrow under Target Fields, and select a target field in the object class definition. The syntax used for the target field is:


    • CATEGORY — Type of data, for example "OD" for object data, or "LT" for link template (linked external database).
    • TABLE — Object data table name or database table name.
    • FIELD — Data field name.

    After you map a target field, it no longer appears in the Target Fields list. This ensures that each target field is mapped to only one incoming data field.

  9. Map as many of the Target Fields as needed. If there are no more target fields in the Target Fields list, you've mapped them all. If you do not map a target field, the default object class value is used.
  10. Click OK to close the Object Class Attribute Mapping dialog box.
  11. To use object class default values for incoming data values that are not within the specified object class range, select Use Class Defaults For Out Of Range Values. Properties such as Layer and Color are also enforced.

    This ensures that incoming data will be accurately classified but may require AutoCAD Map 3D to change some of the incoming data values.