Hiding an Image
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When you hide an image, the image does not display onscreen, nor does it plot. Only the image boundary displays onscreen. However, the image is still loaded in memory, and the image file is still locked on the disk. It cannot be deleted or modified. Hiding images is a convenient way to speed regeneration time. You can redisplay the image when you are ready to plot.

This command is not available if you have selected more than one image. To show or hide multiple images, use the Properties palette.

NoteThis command does not affect images you added using Data Connect.
Note You can also control the display of images by using the LAYER command. When you insert an image, it is inserted on the current layer, but you can move it to another layer. You can then use the LAYER command to control the layer visibility.

The images are also affected by other layer attributes such as whether a layer is locked or frozen. If you are working with several images and you do not want to modify certain images, then move those images to a separate layer and lock the layer.

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