Editing a Node
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You can move a node in a node topology, or move a node at the end point of a link in a network or polygon topology. Moving the node at the end point of a link also moves that end of the chosen link. Edits to nodes and links in a polygon topology change the centroid, the area, and perimeter values.

When you move a node, AutoCAD Map 3D checks its new location.

You can also delete nodes. For more information, see Deleting Links, Nodes, and Polygons.

If you're working with a network topology, you can also modify the resistance of nodes.

Deleting one node that indicates adjoining links creates a single link.

To turn an explicit node into an implicit node, unload the topology, delete the point or block representing the explicit node, and then reload the topology.

To turn an implicit node into an explicit node, first insert a block or point at the implicit node point (use an Intersection or End snap to position the block accurately). Then, if you are working with a node topology, right-click the topology name in Map Explorer. Click Add Node. You cannot use the Insert Node option. If you are working with a network or polygon topology, use the MAPAN command.

If you retrieve the nodes of a network or polygon topology, but not the connecting links, you can still move the nodes. However, the current topology knows nothing about the connecting links because all the link information is stored on the links, and saving any edited nodes back to the source drawings will create an incorrect topology.

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