Simplify Objects
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
Note Simplify Objects works in two dimensions, ignoring Z-values. For information about how to add and remove vertices from 3D polylines, see Weed Polylines.

To simplify objects

  1. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up. At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.
  2. On the Select Actions page, in the Cleanup Actions list, click Simplify Objects. Click Add.
    Note For best results, run Simplify Objects individually. If you run Simplify Objects with other actions, AutoCAD Map 3D runs Simplify Objects first, regardless of its position in the Selected Actions list.
  3. In the Select Actions list, click Simplify Objects to display the cleanup parameters for this action.
  4. Under Cleanup Parameters, set Tolerance to an appropriate value.

    You can enter a value into the Tolerance box or click Pick to go to the map and select two points that define the tolerance to use.

  5. To allow the introduction of arcs during the Simplify Objects operation, select Create Arcs.
  6. Accept all other defaults.

    AutoCAD Map 3D automatically simplifies objects. Do not use the Interactive option.

  7. Continue specifying Drawing Cleanup settings.