Snap Clustered Nodes
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Use Snap Clustered Nodes to correct multiple nodes near the same point. With Snap Clustered Nodes, you locate nodes within a specified tolerance radius distance of each other and snap them to a single location. Nodes at the ends of lines and polylines are automatically included in this cleanup action. You can also include stand-alone nodes (points and blocks).

The snap point will be one of the existing nodes, and you can choose whether you want it to be one of the link endpoints or one of the stand-alone nodes. Based on your settings, AutoCAD Map 3D determines the best snap point, calculating which point has the most weight based on its relative location to the other nodes. Also considered are anchored nodes. While anchored nodes are not altered or moved during the Snap Clustered Nodes operation, they are included in the calculation that determines the snap point.

Nodes within the tolerance distance are snapped to a single link endpoint using the Snap To Link option. Move your cursor over the image to see the results.

When using Snap Clustered Nodes, keep in mind the following:

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