Creating and Modifying a Display Manager Scale Threshold
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create or modify a scale threshold

  1. Zoom the drawing to the scale factor for which you want to create or modify the threshold.
  2. To display the Threshold list, in the Display Manager, click ToolsShow Thresholds.
  3. Click the thin down arrow next to the Threshold list and click Duplicate.
  4. In the New Threshold dialog box, enter the new threshold value. Click OK.
  5. Modify any of the styles for this new scale threshold.

    If the styles reference a Library Style, turn off referencing for the selected style before you modify it. To turn off style referencing, select the style. On the Display tab of the Properties palette, next to Reference, select No.

    If you do not turn off Reference, any changes you make to the style in this scale threshold are automatically reflected in any styles that reference this style.

NoteWhen creating and modifying styles, you can specify how you want to display styles as you change scale thresholds.