ADESELOBJS (Select Objects for Save Back command)

Use this command to add objects the save set and lock the objects.

To add objects to the save set and lock the objects

Click Home tabData panel Add To Save Set. At the Command prompt, enter adeselobjs.

If object locking is on, adding an object to the save set locks the object to prevent anyone else from editing it while you are using it. When an object is locked, other users can view it, but they cannot edit it.

Respond to the prompts:

Add objects to save set: Select/<allNew>:

Enter s to individually select objects, or press Enter to add all objects created since opening the current drawing.

Select objects:

Use an object selection method.

If you plan to edit more than one object, lock them all at the start of your editing session. That way, no other users can modify or lock them before you get to them.

If an object is on a locked layer in the source drawing, you cannot add it to the save set. If you are working in paper space, you cannot add objects to the save set.

Objects in the save set are saved to source drawings when you use the Save Objects to Source Drawings dialog box command.