Define Key View dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify which layers are displayed at different key view zoom levels. For example, you can display fewer layers when zoomed out, but display complete details when zoomed in.

At the Command prompt, enter adedefkeyview.

To add a new condition, enter a drawing window width and specify the layers to display at that width. Click the Layers to select from a list of the layers in the active drawings. When you finish, click Add.

To modify an existing condition, select the condition to modify and click Edit. Add or delete layers. When you finish, click Update.

Key views are saved with the current drawing and apply to layers in the current drawing and all active drawings.

Current Key View Definition List

Display the drawing window width conditions defined in this drawing.


Copy the selected condition to the bottom of the screen, where you can change the width and add or remove layers.


Delete the selected condition.

Clear List

Delete all conditions.

Width > box

Enter the width to define.

The width is the distance across the drawing window as measured in drawing units. The more you zoom in, the smaller this number is.

Tip Before you use the ADEDEFKEYVIEW command, use the DISTANCE command to measure the width of the window at the zoom magnifications you want to define.
Show Only These Layers box

Specify the layers to display when the drawing window displays a greater width than specified in the Width > box. Separate layer names with a comma.

Click the Layers to select from a list of layers in the active drawings. You can use wild-card characters to specify a set of layers.


Display a list of layers in the active drawings. Select the layers to display at the specified window width.

Whenever the number of drawing units displayed in the drawing window becomes greater than a defined key view condition, AutoCAD Map 3D displays the layers specified for that condition.

When you use key views, AutoCAD Map 3D previews the specified layers from source drawings. Objects already in the current drawing are not affected by key views.