Specifying Ranges and Defaults
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
Note To define an object class, you must have Alter Object Class privileges.

To specify a default value and a range for a property

  1. Create the object class and select the object type on the Applies To tab of the Define Object Classification dialog box.
  2. On the Properties List tab, select a property.
  3. Under Property Attributes, for Default, enter the default value for this property.
  4. For Range, specify the range of allowable values.

    Click … to select from a list of properties if available, otherwise, enter the values.

    • To enter a list of values, separate them with commas, for example: 1,5,9
    • To enter a range of numbers, enclose the first and last numbers in square brackets and separate the numbers with a comma, for example: [3,7]
    • You can combine a range with additional values, for example: 1,[3,7],9
    • To delete a range, enter two dashes ( "--" ).

Range values are case sensitive. For example, if you specify "Road" as an allowable value in the range, "ROAD" will not match this value and will be considered outside of the range.