Select Drawings to Assign Coordinate System dialog box

Use this dialog box to select the file names of drawings to which you want to attach the coordinate system.

To assign a coordinate system to a source drawing

Click Map Setup tabCoordinate System panelAssign. At the Command prompt, enter ADESETCRDSYS.

Look In

Select a drive alias from the list. AutoCAD Map 3D creates a drive alias for drive C. You must create drive aliases for all other drives that you use.

Create/Edit Aliases

If the drive or folder you want is not listed, click to define a new drive alias.


Click to display a preview of the selected drawing. If a drawing is locked, the Preview window is blank.

File List

Select a drawing in the current directory.


Use wild-card characters to filter the display of file names. For example, enter t* to view only file names starting with the letter t.


Add the selected drawing names to the Selected Drawings list. You can change the drive or folder and continue to add files to the Selected Drawings list.


Remove the selected drawing names from the Selected Drawings list.

Selected Drawings

When you have added all the drawings you want, click OK.