Editing Database Links
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To link an object to a different record in a database table, you can either delete the old link and create a new link, or you can edit the link data stored on the object.

The link data specifies the following:

The object is linked to the record in the database table where the value in the key column matches the link value on the object. If you edit the link value, you link the object to a different record in the table.

For example, a database has a record for each piece of equipment. The link template for the database table specifies the serial number column as the key column. If you replace a piece of equipment, you must edit the link value on the object in the drawing to reflect the new serial number. This links the object to the record with the new serial number.

Editing Linked Objects

If you move, copy, or delete a linked object, the link data is moved, copied, or deleted with it. Deleting the object and its link data does not affect the data in the database table.

You can also delete the link from the object.

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