Attaching a Data Source
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To use data from an external data source, attach the data source to the drawing. When you attach a data source, it appears in the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane along with the tables and database queries associated with it.

For the following data sources, AutoCAD Map 3D automatically creates the files it needs to communicate with the data source:

For other data sources, you must manually create the files before you can attach the data source.


You can set an option to have AutoCAD Map 3D prompt you for the database version each time you attach a data source or you can specify a default version.

AutoCAD Map 3D stores the UDL (Universal Data Link) files in a specific directory. If it does not find a UDL file in this directory, it creates a new UDL file. You can change the directory used for UDL files.

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