Selecting an Image
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If an image frame is visible, you can select the image by clicking the frame or by drawing a crossing window around a frame edge. When you select an image by selecting its frame, grips are displayed.

NoteThese options do not affect images you inserted with Data Connect.

You can also select an image by placing your cursor over the image and pressing Shift + left-click. This feature is useful when you are zoomed in to the image and you cannot see the image frame or if the image frames are turned off.

After you select an image frame, you can:

Note You can set an option to draw hatch marks over a selected image. Click Options. Select the Display tab. Under Display Performance, set Highlight Raster Image Frame Only to off. If Highlight Raster Image Frame Only is off, when you select an image, it rises to the top of the display order, obscuring any vectors that cross it. Use the REGEN command to restore the proper display order.
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