Selecting an Image
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To select an image by pressing Shift + left-click

  1. Position your pointer so that it is over the image or images to select.
  2. Press Shift and click the left mouse button.

    If you clicked more than one image, the Image Select dialog box appears. This dialog box displays the names of all the images that are inserted into your drawing. The image or images that are already selected are highlighted (not just the images that you selected by pressing Shift + left-click).

  3. Click the images in the list to select. Click OK. To select all the images in your drawing, click Select All. To clear the selection set, click Select None.
Note If Shift + left-click is not working, you may need to load the Raster Extension by using an image command such as Insert An Image, or you may need to turn on the option.

To turn on the Shift + left-click option

  1. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Insert tabImage panelangle-arrow.
  2. In the Raster Extension Options dialog box, select the General tab.
  3. Select Shift + Left Click Image Select.
  4. Click OK to exit the dialog box.