Viewing All Objects in Selected Attached Drawings
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To view objects in source drawings

  1. In Map Explorer, right-click Drawings. Click Quick View.
  2. In the Quick View Drawings dialog box, select the drawings to quick view.

    To control the display of nested drawings, select them individually.

  3. To filter the list of active drawings on the basis of file names, descriptions, or both, click Filter, specify the filter, and click OK. Then select Filter.
  4. Select Zoom To The Extents Of Selected Drawings to see the extents of all the drawings to review with Quick View.
  5. Click OK.

    The objects in the active source drawing appear. Although you see many objects, each set of objects appears as a single object from each drawing. If you attempt to select several objects, AutoCAD Map 3D reports “one object found” for each of the source drawings.

You can zoom and pan, but you cannot select or edit individual objects. When you regenerate or redraw, the pictures are cleared from the current drawing.

To edit the objects, define a query that copies the objects from the source drawing into the current drawing. For more information, see Overview of Queries.