Edit Topology dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.
Warning This command will not be supported in future releases. This is the old command for editing geometry, direction, and resistance in a topology. There are several new commands for editing topologies, such as MAPAN, MAPDL, MAPMP. For a complete list, see Editing Topologies.

Use this dialog box to modify objects in a topology without damaging the topology relationship data. If you modified objects using standard editing commands, use the Update option to correct the topology relationship data for that object.

To edit a topology

Topology Name area

Select a topology from the list of loaded topologies. When you modify the selected object, the topology data for that object will be updated in the selected topology.

Note If the object is referenced by more than one topology, you will need to use the update option to modify the other topologies.

If the topology you want is not loaded, click Load.

Object Type

Select the object type to edit. Object options are unavailable if they do not match the topology type you are choosing.

Edit Operation