Manually Adjusting the Image Frame During Insertion
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To adjust the image frame manually during insertion

  1. Insert an image.
  2. In the Image Correlation dialog box, on the Insertion tab, click Pick.

    An outline of the frame appears onscreen. This outline reflects the aspect ratio of the image that you are inserting.

  3. Pick the base point for the frame.

    You can also type coordinates at the Command prompt, or, if there is already correlation data for the image, press Enter to accept the existing coordinates.

  4. Type a rotation angle or pick a point to define the rotation angle.
  5. Pick the second corner point to define the size of the frame.
    Tip You can use UNDO to undo a point.

    The Image Correlation dialog box is redisplayed with the new coordinates, rotation, and scale.

  6. Click OK to insert the image into the specified frame.

    AutoCAD Map 3D inserts the image on the current layer and saves its correlation data in the drawing file. The next time you open the drawing, the image displays using these settings.

Tip You can select the frame and use the grips or standard AutoCAD Map 3D commands to size, move, or rotate the image while the Image Correlation dialog box is open.