Inserting an Image from the Command Line
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You can insert an image at the Command prompt by setting the FILEDIA variable to <0>. This feature is useful if you already have correlation data stored with your images or to use an AutoLISP routine to insert images into your drawing.

NoteIf the image you are inserting is supported, connect to it and add it to your map using Data Connect. This gives you more control over styling and other options.

AutoCAD Map 3D uses correlation data if available, searching for a correlation source in the following order:

AutoCAD Map 3D uses the correlation information from the first source that it locates. If it cannot find a correlation file, then the image is inserted using the default insertion point information that you defined in the Raster Extension Options dialog box. You can specify a default location for resource files, and you can specify that AutoCAD Map 3D search for correlation information in the resource directory before checking the image directory. If the correlation source does not include information on scale or density, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the scale and density specified on the Image Defaults tab of the Raster Extension Options dialog box.

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