Editing Objects in Attached Drawings
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To view and edit objects in attached drawings, create a query that specifies the objects you want. When you run the query, AutoCAD Map 3D finds all the objects in the attached drawings that match the query criteria, and copies those objects to the current drawing.

Example: You have separate drawings for each quadrant of a town. You create a main drawing and attach the other drawings, and then view all water mains in the town or all emergency routes.

You can save the queried objects back to their attached drawings by adding them to the save set before you edit them. When you save the current drawing, AutoCAD Map 3D prompts you to save the objects in the save set back to their attached drawings. If you do not add modified objects to the save set, you can save the modifications to the current drawing or to a new drawing, but the changes are not saved back to the attached drawings.

Markup objects are not added to the save set. To copy them from the current drawing to an attached drawing, open the attached drawing directly. Copy the markup objects in the current drawing and paste them into the other drawing.

Warning If you work with an attached drawing from a previous release and save back your changes, AutoCAD Map 3D updates the attached drawing to the current format. To retain the attached drawing in the previous drawing format, do not save back your changes.
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