Breaking Objects at a Closed Boundary
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Using the Boundary Break option, you can break any objects that cross a given line. This capability lets you save maps back to source drawings with clean edges or plot maps without overlapping borders. It functions like the AutoCAD BREAK command for a selected set of objects and a polyline boundary.

Use the Boundary Break command to break one map into three tiled sections. Move your cursor over the image to see the results.

The text Thonon-les-Bains remains in the central map because the text has a MiddleCenter justification and insertion point.

The Boundary Break option

Specifying the Boundary Edge

When breaking objects, you can draw a boundary, choose one or more existing objects that form a closed boundary, or use the save back extents of the active source drawings as the boundary. Using save back extents combines the extents of all active source drawings as the boundary.

The edges of the boundary do not have to form a rectilinear shape. If you are breaking using lines of latitude and longitude, the edges form a trapezoidal shape.

Retaining Object Data

You can also choose to retain existing attached object data and links to external database records on the objects created by the break.

Once the objects are broken, you can save the data back to the source drawings.

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