Breaking Objects at a Closed Boundary
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To break objects at a boundary

  1. Open a drawing and attach the maps you want.
  2. Define and execute a query to retrieve the objects to break.
  3. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelBoundary Break. At the Command prompt, enter mapbreak.
  4. In the Break Objects at Boundary dialog box, under Boundaries, choose how to specify the boundaries for breaking:
    • Use Save Back Extents Of Active Source Drawings — Uses the combined extents of all active source drawings as the boundary.
    • Select Boundaries — Allows you to choose existing objects in the current drawing. These objects need to form a closed area but do not need to be single objects. Click Select and select the objects to use.
    • Define Boundary — Allows you to draw a single closed boundary on screen. Click Define and specify the boundary.
  5. Under Objects To Break, specify whether to select objects manually or automatically, and whether to use only objects on selected layers.
  6. Under Break Method, specify whether to exclude topology objects, and whether to retain object data on the objects.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Confirm Save Back dialog box, click Yes.

    The objects are broken according to the location of the save back extents.

To save the data back to the source drawings after a boundary break

  1. Click Home tabData panel Save To Source. At the Command prompt, enter adesaveobjs.
  2. Under What To Save, make sure that both Save Queried Objects and Save Newly Created Object are selected.
  3. Under Save Order For Newly Created Objects, select Area. Click OK.