Troubleshooting Drawing Queries
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Issues can arise when you retrieve blocks, text, externally referenced drawings (xrefs), groups, and hatch patterns from drawings. The following information helps you deal with these issues.

Block Queries in Preview Mode

In Preview mode, you can display a queried block as a block or simply as an "X" that signifies the block's insertion point. On the Query tab of the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box under Options, select or deselect Show Preview Block As Point Only. To set this and other query options, see Setting Query Options.

Block Attributes and Property Queries

When performing Property queries, you can query using block attributes, but not constant attributes. You can define constant attributes that have the same value for every occurrence of the block that contains them. However, Property queries do not recognize constant attributes. Instead, use the block name in the query.

You can, however, specify invisible attributes. An invisible attribute is not displayed or plotted but is stored in the drawing file. For detailed information on attributes, look up attributes in the index of the online help.

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Queries with Blocks of the Same Name

When queries reference blocks with the same name that lie in two different attached drawings, a Draw query references the block definition first queried into the current drawing; a Preview query references the block definition in the attached drawing.

For example, if a Draw query retrieves a block named parcel1 (a rectangular parcel) from drawing one, and then a block named parcel1 (a square parcel) from drawing two, the current drawing displays the rectangular parcel. The block definition for parcel1 is already in the current drawing. A Preview query displays both the rectangular parcel and the square parcel. Preview queries create temporary objects referenced from the attached drawings.

Note The same considerations apply when referencing raster images with the same name but with different paths. A Preview query displays both images. A Draw query, displays the image based on the first definition processed.
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Queries and Raster Images

Raster images attached to drawings using the IMAGEATTACH or MAPIINSERT commands are objects that are part of the drawing. When queried, raster images behave like blocks. Raster images resulting from a paste operation, that is, an OLE frame, are not recognized as objects in queries.

When a raster image is queried during a Preview query that includes a coordinate conversion or transformation, the image is not displayed.

When a raster image is queried during a Draw query that includes a coordinate conversion or transformation, the object is transformed like a block insert, around the insertion point.

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Blocks and Property Alteration (Color)

When using Property Alteration to change the color of retrieved blocks, the color of the components of the attached drawing block must be BYBLOCK. Otherwise, no matter what color change you specify for the Property Alteration, the block retains its original colors when queried.

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Blocks and Property Alteration (Scale)

To set the scale of all the blocks retrieved by the current query to a scale of 2, use Property Alteration and set Scale to 2. This sets the scale of all queried blocks to 2 no matter what their current scale is.

To scale all blocks retrieved by the current query by a factor of 2, use Property Alteration and set Scale to (* .XSCALE 2). This multiplies the existing scale of each queried block by a factor of 2. Make sure that you leave a space between the * and .XSCALE 2.

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Property Alteration (Scale and Rotate)

In the Property Alteration dialog box, the Scale option applies only to blocks, the Rotate option applies only to text and blocks.

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Thickness, Width, and Property Queries

You can use a Property query to query on extruded polyline thickness using the Thickness option in the Property Condition dialog box. You cannot query on polyline width. AutoCAD Map 3D supports queries on Thickness for the following kinds of objects: line, arc, text, circle, point, solid, 2D polyline, light weight polyline, trace, and shape.

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Querying Drawings with Xrefs

When you query attached drawings that contain xrefs, AutoCAD Map 3D does not copy the objects in the xref drawing into the current drawing. Instead, only the name of the xref drawing appears at the xref insertion point in the current drawing. To query the xref drawing, attach the drawing separately.

Note Queries in Preview mode do not display the xref drawing name, but queries in Draw mode do.
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Retrieving Groups of Objects

When you retrieve a group of objects, AutoCAD Map 3D treats them as separate and independent objects and then restores the group when you save the objects back to the attached drawings, even if you edit the objects in the group. However, if you create a new object in the current drawing, you cannot associate it with the group to be saved back to the attached drawing.

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Retrieving Hatched Areas

By default, AutoCAD Map 3D retrieves hatched areas, solid objects, and raster images using the bounding box, not the insertion point. To change the default, use the Reference Entire Bounding Area For Objects option on the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box.

If you hatch objects that are formed by retrieving objects from multiple attached drawings, the hatch associativity is lost when you save back.

Associative hatching is designed to work in a single drawing environment. We recommend against querying, editing, and saving back associative hatches. In most cases, hatch associativity is not maintained.

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