Image Management dialog box

Use this dialog box to view information about images in your drawing.

To display the Image Management dialog box

Managing Raster Images

Click Insert tabImage panelImage Management. At the Command prompt, enter mapimanage.

View the names of the images that were inserted into the drawing, the current display order, and other image information. Each image in your drawing, even if it is unnamed or a copy, is listed. To indicate copies, the dialog box numbers them in the following format: imagename:1, imagename:2.

The images are listed in display order. The image at the top of the list is displayed on top and drawn last. To modify the image display order, click an image name and drag it up or down in the list.


The name of the image file.


The full path name for the image file.


The layer on which the image is located.


The date that the file was created.


Dots per inch that the image was scanned at. Synonymous with resolution.


Every pixel of an image has information associated with it that defines its color. The amount of information stored with each pixel is referred to as depth. The more information that is stored with each bit, the greater the number of colors that can be represented.


The format type of the image.


The display status of the image.

Last Modified

The date that the image was last modified.

File Size

The file size of the image in bytes.


Click Layout to display the Image Management Layout dialog box, where you can determine which topic columns are displayed and their order.

To view additional information about an image, select the image and right-click. Click Information to display the Image Information dialog box.

Note You can change the size and position of this dialog box. Any changes you make will be retained in future sessions.